MMCF brings 'Education in Udaipur'

Posted by MMPS on Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Remember the bollywood movie 'Black'? Well, for some people it was truly black. We may have come across many such people in our lives. But how many times have we stopped to think that countless number of people may be out there yearning to see in real everything they visualise. Every moment of their lives. Or maybe not. Maybe they have accepted black as the only colour. But wait a minute! That does not mean they may would not jump at the very chance of seeing the colours of life if someone ever came up to them and gave them just a chance! However short lived that may be. Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF), Udaipur decided to take a beautiful vision forward. The organisation has identified a public charitable trust Alakh Nayan Mandir, an eye institute in Udaipur to extend support and give the trust's initiatives the momentum it deserved. MMCF is supporting the complete development of 'Free Patients' Ward' at Alakh Nayan Mandir, There shall be 48 beds spread over 2,500 sq ft, a nursing care station and an examination room. Alakh Nayan Mandir is a well-known name in the field of eye care services which established in 1997 to fulfill the objectives to provide eye care of paramount quality to all segments of society, especially socially backward and deprived section of the society; to provide free or subsidized treatment to those who cannot afford it; to propagate the concept of 'Quality' Eye Care amongst professionals; to render outreach ophthalmic services in remote villages and to contribute for the success of National Program for Control of Blindness. The institute has an unwavering commitment towards quality services both in the teaching-training programs and eye care service delivery, imbibed with staunch community orientation having a philanthropic and spiritual base, which consistently derives inspiration from Her Holiness Mahatma Bhuri Bai 'Alakh'. The vision statement of the Eye Institute is to provide quality eye care for all on a sustainable basis, irrespective of socio-economic status and to make the region free of curable eye problems. They are coming up with World Class Eye Centre which is keen on deploying international standards, spur efficiency, improve patient safety & satisfaction and ensure resource optimization to lower costs, at Pratap Nagar Extension, Airport Road, Udaipur. Alakh Nayan Mandir has performed over 74,000 operations of which 60% were free of cost and for the economically and socially under privileged and marginalised society. The patients mainly comprised of tribals. Over 7.13 lacs treatments have been done by the institute of which 40% were free of cost; 2,600 eye checkup camps have been held in and around nearby areas of Udaipur with a mission of Blindness Prevention and Slight Restoration.