Beat the heat!

Posted by MMPS on Friday, April 22nd, 2022

Keeping health in check can be a difficult task during summers. And with exams and other activities lined up it makes it even more important for us to implement methods that help us beat the heat. Here are some easy mantras for that!

1. Wear Light Color Clothes

Wearing full sleeves clothes with light colors can allow the skin cells to stay away from the harmful rays of the sun

2. Drink enough water

Around 70 percent of the body is composed of fluids. It became, necessary to drink at least 8 glasses for adults and 4 glasses for kids of water per day. Resulting, the body stays cool and hydrated, and the heat of the sun cannot produce any impact on the skin. Drinking sufficient water can donate a lot towards good health.

3. Eat Fruits Regularly

Fruits contain high amounts of nutrients which are beneficial for the skin. If your kid consumed fruits on a regular basis, it can keep the body cool and your skin moisturized in spite of the high heat levels in the atmosphere. Hence healthy eating for children during summers is a must.

Those were some simple and best summer care tips for kids. Try to give healthy food to your kids, it will help them carry out all the daily activities easily, and you feel less stressed out. If you feel any symptoms of heat stroke or any other problems, then consult a doctor as soon as possible.