All students must be registered before they can be considered for admission.

Registration for Class X and XII is open only to those whose parents are on transfer to Udaipur and are from Only CBSE affiliated schools.

Registration form incorporated in the prospectus should be fully and correctly filled in.

It must reach the school office along with all the necessary documents and registration fee by the prescribed date.

Registration does not ensure admission.


No student shall be admitted in Class IX and above in a school affiliated with the Board after 31st day of August of the year except with prior permission of the Chairman, CBSE/Competent Authority as may have been defined in the State/Union Territory Education Acts.

Only registered students will be considered for admission

Admission to Class XI

Admissions are given after the announcement of result of Grade X.

Withdrawal and Transfer Certificate

For the withdrawal of a student, one month's clear notice must be given on the prescribed form available in the office, to be filled in and signed by the parent personally and submitted in the Principal's office. In the absence of one month's clear notice, a month's fee and charges will be payable.

The preparation of the certificate and clearance of caution money will take one week.