The school accommodates well equipped Computer Science, IP, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Social Science labs.

Physics Lab

In order to felicitate the spirit of inquiry, interest and enthusiasm towards the subject enabling students to perform practicals covering Modern Physics, Mechanics, optics, Electronics etc. Equipments related to the above mentioned areas are provided in the lab. This invokes students’ scientific temperament and inquisitiveness towards the subject.

Chemistry Lab

The laboratory is well equipped with a stock of the required chemicals. The safety of the students is of paramount importance, hence the safety rules are strictly adhered to.

Biology Lab

The laboratory caters to the needs of the students in doing the practicals of Botany and Zoology both, and also has Charts and Physiology, thus, making them learn about human body, the world of plants and that of animals.

Mathematics Lab

The lab has been constructed with complete theme based ambience to visualize and feel Mathematics. Based on the theme of ‘Imagination, Investigation and Interaction, the lab provides an opportunity to students to understand, internalize, discover and verify the basic Mathematics and Geometrical concepts through concrete objects and situations. The students are also encouraged to make use of analogies, real life situations and a host of teaching-learning aids developed and provided for the purpose.

Computer Lab

The school has established a WI-FI Computer lab with expert professionals to enable the students to get them updated and trained in Hardware, Software and other allied courses.Sufficient computer systems have been installed with broadband connections to which the students can have individual access. Students mainly learn C++, RDBMS, SQL and all Microsoft technologies.

Informatics Practice Lab

In Informatics Practice, the students are taught programming using Java Net beans, IDE which is very advance to develop applications. In IP the students gets acquainted with JDBC which helps to develop desktop or web application. The faculties here also teach client server application for software. In IP Lab we have more than sufficient computer systems with latest configuration.