Functions & Events

The school every year celebrates Founder’s Day, Freshers’ Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Investiture Ceremony, Valedictory Function and Teachers’ Day.

  • Founder’s Day: Founder’s Day is celebrated every year to pay tribute and gratitude to the great visionary and Founder of our institution Late His Highness Bhagwat Singh Ji Mewar. It marks and highlights yet another year in the history of the school. An apt moment to acknowledge and realize the contribution of the great visionary and his successors in rendering selfless service to the society.
  • Freshers’ Day: It is celebrated to showcase the latent talent of freshers, introduce them and help them adapt to the new environment.
  • Independence Day & Republic Day: The school celebrates August 15 and January 26 with a lot of patriotic fervour. It is to pay homage and tribute to the freedom fighters and martyrs and invoke patriotic spirit in students.
  • Annual Day: Annual Day is celebrated every year to showcase the talent of students and recognize and reward the outstanding performance in all disciplines.
  • Investiture Ceremony: This is conducted to elect office bearers from class XII to represent school and shoulder responsibility earnestly, to install moral commitment, leadership qualities, devotion and sacrificing self to dedicate themselves to the cause of becoming future leaders.
  • Literary Fest: This is organized to provide an apt platform to students to showcase their creativity and oratorical skills. Also to make them better in qualitative sense. At the same time, it develops a healthy competitive spirit and enable them to rise above failure as well.