Why give to the MMPS?

As you know, the MMPS is a charity's/charitable Institution. We have, therefore, initiated this scheme for Alumni Contributions. While the Income from fee substantially covers the general operating expenses and faculty and non-academic compensation, it depends on the philanthropy of individuals, corporations, foundations, and alumni to invest in long term initiatives such as infrastructure expansion and development, attracting and retaining star faculty and increase scholarships that will make it competitive in the league of the top schools of the India.

We hope that the MMPS has made a significant difference in your career and has exposed you to experiences that have probably enriched your personal life as well. We want to be able to make an impact on the lives of several more people who interact with the MMPS as students, their parents and faculty. We encourage you to give to MMPS in whatever capacity you can. Every contribution, large or small helps us achieve our goals. Here are a few ways in which you can begin now.

A) SCHOLARSHIP - Contribute

MMPS believes in attracting the best quality of students from diverse socio, economic, geographic and educational backgrounds. An education of high standards however demands the financial resources and it is our Endeavour that no worthy student be denied education at the MMPS for the want of funds. The MMPS needs your support to attract such students through the provision of merit-cum-need scholarships - students who lack the necessary funding as well as several others who find the scholarship an attractive reason to choose MMPS over others . We request you to help us achieve this goal by instituting academic scholarships at the MMPS.

B) MMPS CORPUS FUND - Contribute

In order to maintain its reputation for strong academic programmes and to be able to attract faculty and students, the MMPS needs modern state of art classrooms , laboratories and other facilities. The MMPS Corpus Fund is utilised towards capital projects and building projects. Support opportunities are available to donors at many levels and include naming opportunities for buildings, classrooms, laboratories and public spaces.