Defintion of Logo

The ornamented arch of a gateway is a Toran. It is a testimony to the successful completion of an act of Dan i.e. philanthropy performed by the Maharanas of Mewar.

'Dan' means donation which is explained in great detail in our ancient scriptures. 'Dan' is unconditional. It is given to the deserving and those in need, from legitimately earned wealth, with no regrets and with no intention of achieving fame or expecting favours in return.

The Maharanas of Mewar observed the tradition of 'Dan' after a successful completion of a pilgrimage or social welfare activities such as building of temples, public service institutions, environmental and ecological works. A special Toran was built to commemorate each of these events.

The Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation was created by an act of Dan by His Late Highness Maharana Bhagwat Singh Ji Mewar in 1969 to 'honour recognition of works of permanent value rendered to society'. MMPS was founded on 12th July 1974 and epitomizes its commitment to the 'pursuit of knowledge'. It serves as a 'temple of learning' for future generations and perpetuates the educational initiatives of 'Eternal Mewar'.

A Shiv- ling was placed on top of the Toran to invoke divine blessings.

The lighted lamp in the centre symbolizes removal of darkness to attain wisdom.

The English Translation of The Motto.

Wisdom gained from good education shall always lead to the right decisions.