Our Vision

The Management is deeply committed to provide a team of highly motivated teaching fraternity in a caring, safe and stimulating environment. It aims at building a high morale among the teachers, and giving ALL in The School a sense of worth, pride and commitment.

The institution strives vigorously to inculcate values which would make students able and good human beings.

Our Mission

The mission MMPS is to prepare each student, parent and teacher with an ability to meet the high expectations of a rigorous curriculum and to provide a learning environment that prepares students for college and future global careers. Our students are encouraged to be contributing members of the community, to acquire a sense of global responsibility, and to cultivate and uphold respect for cultural diversity.

To make our students:

  • Sound in body and mind with a healthy respect for their physical and mental selves.
  • Global in outlook but Indian at heart.
  • Self-disciplined, self reliant, well mannered and courteous.
  • Scientific in temper, creative in mind and honest in character.
  • Excellent communicators with the skills to make their lives a success.
  • Serve the community.
  • Have respect for mankind.

Mission | MMPS School in Udaipur, Rajsthan