Get Set Go for the New Beginnings

Posted by MMPS on Thursday, July 4th, 2019

With the heat drawing to a close, the summer vacation is also close to the end. Whilst enjoying the advantages of the vacation like binge-watching your favourite TV/ web series and recent blockbuster movies, you need to buckle up for the coming academic year.

There is always a shiver through your body on the last day of vacations when you think about school reopening. You are worried if you will manage yourself and wake up, you wonder if you should bunk the first day of school and these thoughts suppress the excitement. The thrill of meeting your friends again after so long may get overshadowed. But, if you are prepared in advance you can avoid this first-day nervousness. Here we have some hacks for you to keep yourself up with the excitement and give a head start to your coming academic year.

1. Early to bed and early to rise Though it seems strenuous to get into this routine, it is the most important thing. Waking up early however doesn't mean you should be wide awake before the dawn breaks but, to find a middle ground e.g. if you wake up at 6 during school and 10 during vacation, try to be up at 8 am. Slowly and eventually you will get used to the sleep cycle and you will no longer be dozing away on the first day of your school.

2. Know your new syllabus We all know that no one wants to study in the vacations. But with so much of free time, you can at least go through the books to understand the new syllabus. This will familiarize you with the coming things and you will be in a position to cope up with it easily.

3. Support from your parents Is the preparation for the next academic year daunting you? Oh! That's completely fine, but if it happens then you can always talk to your parents for their support. Take help from them to set your routine, time table, and manage your study hours. They can also help you with arranging your new books and accompany you to the school shopping.

4. Keep yourself away from stress With social media slowly slipping into everyone's life, you can always connect with your friends and classmates and share your apprehensions with them. They, facing the same condition, can understand yours and that might make you feel better.

So, just enjoy the last few days of your vacation while you steadily prepare yourself for the next exciting year.